Where to go when: the best places to go on holiday

Where to go when: the best places to go on holiday

After months of lockdown and a series of travel bans, the world has slowly begun opening up to travel again. But it’s not all within reach just yet. The UK’s travel quarantine rules continue to change frequently as cases around the world spike and dip, leaving travellers wondering more than ever, where to go on holiday?

Where to go on holiday right now?

The most obvious option right now is a staycation, so for Brits that means a holiday in the UK. While some cities and counties have restrictions in place, much of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are available to explore, with UK hotels, cottages, restaurants, spas and campsites eager to welcome back travellers. For more inspiration, see our guide to the best places to visit in the UK.

For travel abroad, we recommend looking at the latest UK quarantine rules as well as our recommended list of where Brits can travel. These destinations are, however, changing daily as much of Europe is recording a second wave of coronavirus cases. If you aren’t able to self-isolate upon return to the UK we recommend you choose your destination very carefully and book holidays that are as flexible as possible. For more advice, see our guide to what happens to your holiday if there’s a second wave of coronavirus.

What happens to my holiday now there’s a second wave of coronavirus?

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The best destinations to visit in each month

Looking ahead to the future, while some parts of travel remain uncertain, many airlines, rail companies, hotels and destinations around the world have adjusted to the new normal. Testing upon arrival, strict PPE practices and flexible booking plans are quickly becoming commonplace to help entice travellers once again.

To help you plan a future trip, we’ve outlined the best places around the world to visit during each month of the year, whether you want beaches or wilderness, safari or city break, skiing or winter sun – as well as where to escape the crowds.

Before planning to travel, please always check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for the latest official advice.

Where to go on holiday in January

Kick off the New Year somewhere amazing and uplifting – our top 10 holiday destinations for January are all epic, and give a much-needed dose of winter sun to beat the post-holiday party blues.

Where to go when: the best places to go on holiday

Where to go on holiday in January: 25 top destinations

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