Ugandan wins major prize for developing bloodless malaria test

Ugandan wins major prize for developing bloodless malaria test

A Ugandan inventor has won a major prize for a device which tests for malaria without drawing blood. Brian Gitta, 24, won the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Prize for a device that detects tell-tale signs of malaria by shining a red beam of light on the patient’s finger. The diagnosis is ready to be […]

Twitter to be available on mobile phones without Internet

New York: Twitter Inc is tying up with a Singapore-based startup to make its 140-character messaging service available to users in emerging markets who have entry-level mobile phones which cannot access the Internet. U2opia Mobile, which has a similar tie-up with Facebook Inc, will launch its Twitter service in the first quarter of next year, […]

Kenyan forces ‘take control’ of Westgate mall, last remaining hostages rescued

Nairobi: Kenyan security forces have finally taken control of the Westgate mall where a siege of Islamist militants killed at least 62 people, including shoppers and staff. Officials said the security personnel were doing a final check for any militant presence in the Nairobi shopping mall before declaring the operation complete. All remaining hostages have […]

Kenya LIVE: Forces in control of all Westgate floors, says Interior Minister

8:05 pm: ‘Kenyan forces in control’ Kenya Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku tweets: Our forces are in control of all the floors. Our forces are in control of all the floors — Joseph Ole Lenku (@joelenku) September 23, 2013 7:35 pm: More gunshots heard Ending the lull at the Westgate mall, gunshots were heard inside, […]

Kenya mall attack: Who is Samantha Lewthwaite, the ‘White Widow’

On July 7, 2005, a bomb went off on London’s Tube at King’s Cross station killing 26 people. The bomber, Germaine Lindsay, had blown himself up in the carriage. That was when the cops first came across Samantha Lewthwaite, Lindsay’s wife, who completely denied having any prior knowledge of the horrific attack. Weeks later, she […]

Narendra Modi urges PM to help Indian victims of Nairobi terror attack

Ahmedabad: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to use his good office to ensure safety of Indian victims in the Nairobi terror attack, which has left 69 people dead so far. In a letter to the PM, Modi said, “I stressfully urge that the central government should use all the […]

Nairobi mall attack: ‘Will kill hostages if Kenya Army uses force

Nairobi: As Kenyan Army sought to step up the offensive against the militants holed up in the Westgate mall, the al Shabab has issued a threat saying that the mall hostage would be killed if force was used against the “mujahedeen”. In a statement issued on an Islamic website, al Shabab spokesperson Sheik Ali Mohamud […]

Nairobi LIVE: Mall attack is ‘Kenya’s 9/11’; several arrests made

6:51 pm: Kenya’s Interior Ministry ‘makes several arrests Kenya’s Interior Ministry says it has made several arrests. An official tweet states: “ALERT: We’ve arrested some individuals at the airport for questioning. We ask officers dealing with vital ID docs to be very careful.” 6:45 pm: Multiple explosions resounding from mall A number of explosions from […]