Twenty Till I Die

Twenty Till I Die

Get moody and tell the world how you have discovered the joys of travelling solo We all love our own calendars. There is always a metaphorical clock ticking inside our heads — have sex before you pass out of college (if not earlier); have at least a couple of intimate relationships before you are 25; […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him And Her Based On The Length Of Your Relationship

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means defining your devotion to your sweetheart — no pressure or anything. Trying to find the perfect gift to express how you feel on an arbitrary day can feel stressful at best and totally forced at worst. We say, take a breather and keep it simple. Here’s a breakdown of […]

7 Habits That Cause Belly Fat

So, you’ve got yourself an absolutely gorgeous bikini to wear for a pool party two weeks from now. However, there’s a little bit of a problem – there’s no way of hiding your bulging belly fat in that skimpy swimsuit. Not sure how to trim down in order to do some justice to that awesome […]

Parents should be familiar with sexting terms to check for online bullying: Expert

Johannesburg: A technology researcher has said that parents should be familiar with the sexting terms so as to keep a check on whether their children are exposed to sexting and subject to online bullying. Aubrey Labuschagne from Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) said that parents should be aware of the different words within […]

easy tips for radiant skin

Everyone wants to have that perfect glow and yearn to receive compliments for that natural pink blush. Read on to know how to get that natural glowing skin in five easy ways. -Egg white and honey face mask work wonders. All you have to do is mix one egg white with 1 tbsp of honey […]

Chain smoking triples the risk of brain haemorrhage

London: Smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day almost triples the chances of suffering a potentially fatal brain haemorrhage, a new study has warned. The study found that quitting reduces the danger but heavy smokers who give up tobacco are still twice as much at risk as people who have never smoked. Korean researchers investigated […]

Girl`s night out – Rejoice of Life

The era of globalization has brought many concepts to the backdoor of India, which were alien to it. One of them is GIRLS NIGHT OUT. Traditionally the world of the women (married or unmarried) revolved around her family with no social activity. These women were least bothered about the outside world. The only social activity […]

Ways to say no to friends

Be it during our carefree teenage days or the deep-in-work adult days, the only thing that is the cause for half of our problems is the inability to say no to others, especially friends and relatives. Be it for a party, or doing a favour for a friend who called in sick, we always tend […]