This nonsurgical procedure promises to give you tighter, youthful-looking face

This nonsurgical procedure promises to give you tighter, youthful-looking face

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December 16, 2020 3:00:13 pm

skincare, skincare tips, anti ageing, anti aging skincare remedies, nonsurgical methods for facelift, thread lift, indian express newsWould you like to opt for this nonsurgical procedure to tighten your face? (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)Aging is a natural process, one that every human being goes through. When a person starts to age, their facial muscles become loose. As such, wrinkles and natural creases appear on the skin. The cheeks, areas around the eyes and the neck region get impacted first, leading to sagging. But all of this can be taken care of in a nonsurgical fashion. Dr Swati Agarwal, dermatologist and dermatosurgeon, and founder of Skination Clinics, tells of how one can opt for the process of facelift using threads.

“Thread lift has emerged as a famous lunchtime procedure that typically takes less than an hour and has minimal recovery time. This procedure helps to lift the face and bring back the lost contours by correcting the sags. The threads used are biocompatible that are dissolved by the body after being there for around six months. There is an instant effect due to mechanical pull and results improve further with collagen induction,” she explains.

What is it? 

Typically, a thread lift involves temporary sutures to produce a subtle-yet-visible ‘lift’ in the face — hence the name. It is said that as opposed to removing the loose skin surgically, the surgeon suspends it by stitching up portions of it.

Dr Agarwal goes on to say that should you plan to go for a thread lift, you will need to keep in mind a few specific things:

* There are many types of threads, but the ones commonly used are Polydioxanone (PDO) ones. The results last for around two years. There are many varieties in these threads, like different lengths and thickness.

* The recovery time is short. This is not a face lift surgery. It is also known as weekend facelift as you can get it done in typically less than an hour and can immediately resume your routine like driving back home.

* Have a detailed discussion with your dermatologist. This helps to put across your expectations and concerns. The issues that are treated with thread lift are sagging jawline, sag of cheeks that is mid face sag, and the smile lines.

* It Is important to have realistic expectations. The doctor says that since each face is unique, do not get your procedure done to look like someone else. Remember you are there to become a better and younger version of yourself. Avoid overdoing it, especially if it is your first time.

* Inform your dermatologist about any known allergy — to any medicine or food. Also, if you are already on some medicines, inform the doctor about it.

* It is important to avoid alcohol and smoking for at least a week prior to and after the procedure. Also avoid makeup for 48 hours after the session. Strenuous exercises, massages and saunas should be postponed for at least a week after your procedure.

* The first 24 hours are crucial. Avoid touching the point of thread entry, apply antibiotic cream as prescribed and wash your face with drinking water.

“Many patients come to my clinic for face lift, as they do not want to undergo any surgery. Examining the face, understanding the needs and depending on what would look good and natural on the patient, we decide on the modality. Facelift with thread can be used as the only procedure or can also be combined with other facelift and skin tightening modalities like fillers and ulthera,” doctor Agarwal says.

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