Tejasswi shouts at Pratik who wins ‘Ticket To Finale Week’ in ‘Bigg Boss 15’

Tejasswi shouts at Pratik who wins ‘Ticket To Finale Week’ in ‘Bigg Boss 15’

With ‘Bigg Boss 15’ extended for two more weeks, the makers are bringing in more twists in the show each day to increase the TRPs of the show. The Wednesday episode saw two exciting changes in the house. The new captain of the house, Shamita Shetty downgraded Tejasswi Praksh from a VIP member to a Non-VIP member and after several fights, the non-VIP members unanimously selected Pratik Sehajpal for an upgrade to VIP position. 

The Bigg Boss then announced that a task called ‘BB Cycle Shop’ will decide the fate of Pratik and Tejasswi in the house. Whosoever wins the task will win the ‘Ticket To Finale Week’ as the new VIP member in the house. The Thursday episode will see the task being continued. 

As per the task, all the other housemates except Teja and Pratik and the ‘sanchaalak’ Shamita, will become the owners of the ‘BB Cycle Shop’ and provide the spare parts of the cycle to either of the two contestants in contention to win the ‘Ticket To Finale Week’. In the latest promo released by Colors TV, Nishant is first seen fighting with the Shamita over the order of inmates becoming the owners of the ‘BB Cycle Shop’.

Then, Tejasswi is seen screaming at Shamita for favouring Pratik in the task as she says, “Aap itni badi jhoothi hain”. She is then seen fighting with Pratik as they both try to snatch away the spare parts of the cycle from each other. At the end of the promo, Tejasswi shouts at his competitor, “Aisi victory tujhe hi mubarak ho”.

Though the promo doesn’t explicitly shows who won the task, the netizens have posted screenshots from the live feed of the show in which Pratik’s photograph can be seen hanging with other VIP members’ photograph in the VIP room.

As Shamita, Karan, Rakhi, and Pratik currently own the ‘Ticket To Finale Week’, the dynamics inside the house have changed and it will be interesting to see how the four of them function as the new VIP members in ‘Bigg Boss 15’.

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