Shilpa Shetty does this yoga pose to beat stress; watch

Shilpa Shetty does this yoga pose to beat stress; watch

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Day-to-day chores can become extremely hectic and tiring. So what is the best way to de-stress and rejuvenate?

Recently, actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra gave us the answer to this question as she revealed that a yoga pose not only helps calm down her nerves and but also develop her core muscles in the process.

Take a look.

In the video, the Dhadkan actor can be seen doing Naukasana or boat pose.

“For almost a year now, in some or the other way, we’ve all been in rough waters. For me, the best way to beat the stress is to occasionally draw out the ‘boat’ pose or the Naukasana. It can row you out of many issues that your body may be undergoing,” she captioned the post.

As per Shilpa, it helps strengthen the core and hip flexors. “It also strengthens and improves flexibility in the hip joints and legs. It stimulates abdominal organs and improves digestion while improving the steadiness of the body,” she mentioned.

Here are some other benefits

*It strengthens the muscles of the arms, thighs, and shoulders.
*It improves the health of all organs in the abdomen including the liver, pancreas, and kidneys.
*The boat pose is effective in regulating blood flow levels in the body.
*The stretching of the abdominal region helps burn belly fat if practiced on a regular basis.
*The pose helps improve and regulate digestion, including alleviating excessive gas and easing constipation.

How to do it?

*Lie down flat with the feet together and your arms by the sides.
*Keep the arms straight and your fingers outstretched towards your toes.
*Start inhaling and as you exhale, lift your chest and feet off the ground. Stretch the arms towards the feet. Feel the tension in your stomach area as the abdominal muscles contract.
*Let the weight of your body rest entirely on the butt. Ensure your fingers and toes are all in one line. Hold your breath and remain in this position for a few seconds.
*Exhale slowly as you bring the body down to the starting position and relax.
*One can do 3-4 repetitions daily.


Asthma and heart patients are advised not to practice Naukasana.

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