Post-run stretches: How to get them right

Post-run stretches: How to get them right

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Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, you are always reminded to not skip stretching exercises post a run. Ever wondered why? That is because, after a run, the muscles are warmed up, and the chances of an injury are high. Once you have gathered your breath, make sure to stretch your body. It is after all said to be an important part of a post-run routine as it improves flexibility, performance, and comfort.

A while back, Ankita Konwar shared an Instagram Reel where she can be seen stretching it out after a running session.

Why should you always stretch after running?

Stretching post-run can prevent both muscle soreness and injury, and also ensure good flexibility which can help you run better and faster.

What kind of stretches to include?

As part of the cool-down routine, kneeling hip-flexor stretch, hamstring stretch, figure-4 stretch, thigh stretch, calf stretch, child’s pose and lower back stretches among others are considered effective.

Here’s how to stretch right post-run

*Perform the stretches immediately after a run
*Breathe deeply and regularly during the stretch
*Stretch until you feel slight discomfort or tightness
*Make sure you don’t feel any pain while doing the stretches. You should be able to hold stretches comfortably for 30 seconds and not feel any pain
*Repeat as many rounds as needed
*While an exercise mat is optional, it will make each move more comfortable

Do you stretch after a run?

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