Mahesh Bhatt files Rs 1 crore-civil suit against Luviena Lodh over drug allegations

Mahesh Bhatt files Rs 1 crore-civil suit against Luviena Lodh over drug allegations

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Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has filed a civil suit against actress Luviena Lodh days after she accused his nephew of selling drugs to Bollywood celebrities like Amyra Dastur and others. He and his brother Mukesh Bhatt have asked for Rs. 1 crore seeking compensation for damages.
Luviena Lodh’s advocate Prashant Pandey had to assure the Bombay High Court that she will not make any defamatory and scandalous statement about the Bhatts. He further mentioned that she would state the fact what she has witnessed.
Senior advocate VR Dhond, who appeared for Bhatt brothers, pressed for urgent interim injunction against Lodh saying the actor was about to take a press conference. Justice AK Menon had then questioned, “How can I restrain somebody from holding a press conference. How can you gag somebody like this?”
Dhond pointed out a video of Lodh’s interview uploaded on Instagram on October 23, in which she has leveled serious allegations against both, Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt.  He shared that in the video, Lodh alleged that Mahesh Bhatt is the biggest Don, he controls the entire system, and has ruined lives of several people in Bollywood etc.
Pandey argued that the purportedly defamatory statements are directed against the actor’s husband, and the Bhatts are mentioned only to the effect that they were knowing her husband’s activities. He added that Lodh had filed a domestic violence complaint against her husband and she was willing to justify.
Justice Menon from Bombay High Court has now directed Lodh to file affidavit in reply to the suit and the interim application in four weeks. The court has granted two weeks thereafter to Bhatt brothers to file their rejoinder to her affidavits.
Earlier today, Lodh’s husband Sumit Sabherwal’s lawyer released a statement that read, “We stand concerned for our client Mr Sumit Sabherwal. The claims and contents of the video being circulated by our client’s estranged wife Mrs Luveena Lodh are denied in toto. Our client expresses his deepest regret that the good name of Mr Mahesh Bhatt and Mr Mukesh Bhatt is being sullied solely due to his pending (since 2016) matrimonial dispute with his wife. It is made amply clear that our client is merely an employee of M/s Vishesh Films Pvt Ltd and NOT related to either of the Bhatt Brothers, as falsely and maliciously been sought to be made out by the video in the question. Every attempt being made in order to formulate a relation between our client and the Bhatt brothers must be construed as a well-crafted conspiracy to precipitate and motivate a lucrative ‘settlement’ for her disputes with our client; as is amply made clear in her interviews as well. Our client has the highest regard for the judiciary of our country and reserves his actionable claims against Mrs Luveena Lodh for charges as and when he may institute against her.”
Speaking in Hindi, Luviena had said in her video, “Namaste. My name is Laviena Lodh, and I`m filming this video for the safety of my family and myself. My marriage took place with Mahesh Bhatt`s nephew Sumit Sabharwal and I have filed for divorce on getting to know that he supplies drugs to actors like Amyra Dastur and Sapna Pabbi etc. His phone contains images of numerous girls that he shows to directors, and so he also supplies women.”
Further accusing Bhatt, she shared , “Mahesh Bhatt is aware of these things. Mahesh Bhatt is the biggest don of the industry. He operates this entire system and if you don`t play by their rules they make life miserable for you. Mahesh Bhatt has destroyed many lives — he has ensured many actors, directors and composers lose their jobs. He makes a call and people lose their jobs, and they don`t even get to know about it. He has destroyed many lives in this manner, and since the time I filed a case against him, he is after my life. He has tried to enter my home in different ways and has also tried his best to get me thrown out of my house.”

Lodh also added, “When I try to file an NC (non-cognisable complaint) at a police station, no one is willing to lodge the complaint. If at all an NC is filed, no action is taken. If something should happen to me and my family, the only people who are responsible are Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt, Sumit Sabharwal, Sahil Saigal, and Kumkum Saigal. People should at least get to know of how many lives they have destroyed behind closed doors and the things they can do because Mahesh Bhatt is extremely powerful and influential. Thank you.”
Mahesh Bhatt’s lawyer had also responded to the statement. “With reference to video released by one Luviena Lodh. We, on behalf of our client Mahesh Bhatt, refute the allegations. Such allegations are not only false and defamatory but have serious consequences in law. Our client will take such action in accordance with law as advised,” said the statement issued on behalf of Bhatt.

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