Are We really independent after 66 years ? (issue of female feticide)

1st week: Fertilized egg enters the womb of the mother. 2nd week: A new life starts to recieve nourishment from mother. 3rd to 4th week: Eyes are formed along with spinal cord, brain, lungs, stomach, liver and kidney. Heart begins to pump ! 4th week: head is formed, backbone is complete, spinal cord is closed. […]

True Freedom in India !!!

“I want Freedom for the full expression of my personality” – Mahatma Gandhi 15th August, the day of Independence Day as known by all of us depicts Freedom from the long period of illegitimate rule over India. Yes, it is a day we should celebrate and honour the sacrifice of all the martyrs who gave […]

Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech

New Delhi: Text of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s speech on India’s Independence Day from the Red Fort: My dear countrymen, brothers, sisters and dear children, I greet you all on this anniversary of our Independence. The leaders of our freedom movement, under the stewardship of Mahatma Gandhi, had dreamt of an independent and prosperous India. […]