Is Fixed Time Trading Safe?

Is Fixed Time Trading Safe?


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Trading is one of the popular ways of getting additional income. However, due to the extreme price fluctuations, your capital might be at risk. If you want to be a good trader, you must be able to regulate your emotions and remain cool regardless of whether your trade was successful or not. On the other hand, simple strategies and discipline can help you maximize your results!

Here are some conceivable rules. It is, nevertheless, your responsibility to follow them with discipline.

Is Fixed Time Trading Safe?

Rule 1: Treat trading like a Business

Trading should be approached with the same level of professionalism as a business. Trading is a business, thus there are fees, losses, ambiguity, stress, and risk involved. Trading is a competitive business.

Rule 2: Make the most of Technology

The advancement of technology in trading can increase flexibility, scale efficiencies, and minimize market complexity. Trading may be interesting and rewarding if you use technology to your advantage and stay current with new products.

Rule 3: Basics of trading Psychology

Many attributes and skills, such as a thorough understanding of fundamental and technical analysis, are required for a trader to be successful. However, many traders forget the emotional skill, which is just as vital as, if not more crucial, while trading. One of the primary characteristics that distinguish pros from average traders is emotional and mental discipline.

Rule 4: Only take risks with Funds you can afford to lose

Before you start trading with real funds, make sure that all of the funds in your trading account are genuinely expendable. Investors should have a sense of how much time and money they have to spend, as well as the results they want, in order to acquire an estimate of the securities suitable for different degrees of risk tolerance and to maximize additional income.

Rule 5: Know when to Stop trading

A failing trading strategy is a concern that has to be fixed. It does not necessarily mean that the trading journey is over. Once all impediments and challenges have been overcome, the trader can resume operations.

Is Fixed Time Trading Safe?

What FTT?

A Fixed Time Trade (FTT) is a trader’s prediction of whether the price of an asset will rise or fall over a specified period of time. It’s a type of trading that involves predicting equity prices, commodities, indices, or currency pairs. It is, without a doubt, one of the most basic trading methods available today. There are 2 types of FTT:

Short-term trades – trades with expiration time less than 5 minutes.
Long-term trades – trades with expiration time up to 60 minutes.

Is it safe?

Trading FTT with Binomo is safe and secure in India, and there are numerous excellent testimonials on the internet and in reputable forums that can attest to the same. It is a genuine online trading platform trusted by thousands of traders from 133 different countries every day. Binomo is a category “A” member of the International Financial Commission, which guarantees the company’s customers quality of service, transparency of relations, and protection from a neutral and independent dispute resolution organization.

How does it work?

In Fixed Time, you calculate the trade’s value and predict whether the rate will rise or fall from its current level. If the projection is accurate, you will receive a bonus as well as the amount invested.

Fixed Time Trades, like any other equity market investment, are risky. The main benefit of this financial product is that you may start with a small investment and the potential loss is predetermined. Other financial products can cause you to lose more funds than you put in. It is simple to calculate risk when trading Fixed Time Trades. Taking advantage of short-term trades is one of the simplest methods to do fixed-time trading.


If you are new to FTT, you may start with the Binomo demo account to get a quick understanding of how it works. The trader has complete control over risk management with this innovative financial instrument. You know exactly how much additional income you can get on the basis of your trade amount. However, do keep an eye on the market and the news to make an informed trade as all investments are subject to market risk.

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