How to choose the right type of retinol for your skin

How to choose the right type of retinol for your skin

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November 21, 2020 1:15:14 pm

retinol, indianexpress, skincare,Always apply a sunscreen if you are using a retinol. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)Retinol is the current buzzword in the beauty industry and rightly so, because of its considerably visible results. Not only that, over the course of years, it has been touted as one of the ingredients known to reverse the signs of ageing because of its potency. However, if you have been kind of living under the rock — know that retinol is just another form of vitamin A.  It has this almost magical ability to switch your face for plumper, brighter look when you slather it on in the night before dozing off.

But, before you remotely begin to do that, how do you select the right retinol for yourself? Here is what Dr Kiran, a renowned dermatologist has to say.

Retinol as per every skin type

Combination/acne-prone/oily skin

Thinner formulations work best for your skin types like a fluid or a gel which soaks into your skin easily thus, not letting it feel heavy. Fun fact: The oiler your skin is the better it can tolerate retinol because it has a tendency to leave your skin drier than usual.

However, keep in mind if you are someone who has acne-prone skin, it could result in purging when you first begin to apply it but it will soon settle down. If you apply retinol frequently make sure you apply sunscreen no matter what because sun and retinol don’t go well together!

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Normal/sensitive skin

Retinol packed with hyaluronic acid works amazing for your skin type. However, since retinol often leaves your skin dry, give your skin a break. Also, remember to never add two active products in your skincare products at once. Retinol is a potently active ingredient and should never be used with vitamin C.

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Dry skin

If you are someone who has parched skin, use retinol as a ‘moisturising base’ adds the dermatologist. Make sure the moisturiser is packed with other nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin E or Omega. A thick moisturiser which you can slather on in the night and go to sleep works best for your skin type. Always remember that retinol should only be applied in the night for best results. She also says, “Don’t use it everyday but twice a week so that your skin can get used to it without it getting irritated.”

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