Ex-Bigg Boss 14 contestant Vikas Gupta issues clarification on Vikas Khoker, Aly Goni’s allegations

Ex-Bigg Boss 14 contestant Vikas Gupta issues clarification on Vikas Khoker, Aly Goni’s allegations

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“Bigg Boss 14” contestant Vikas Gupta, who was eliminated from the controversial show reality show hosted by superstar Salman Khan last week, has been making headlines of late for various reasons, one particular being allegations levelled against him by Roadies fame Vikas Khoker among several others. 
On Wednesday, reacting to the accusations that have been levelled against him not just by Vikas Khoker but also by Aly Goni on the show among others, Vikas Gupta took to his verified Instagram handle to put out a clarification. 
In a long note, Vikas wrote, “From accepting myself who I am? to others attempting to tell everyone their version of who they really think I am? Well, it’s happened both inside and outside the #BiggBoss14 house. Aly Goni had said if so many people are accusing me, how it can’t be wrong after all the list includes popular names like #ParthSamthaan #PriyankSharma and now #VikasKhoker Roadies winner – but here’s the truth – they are lying.”
He added, “I do know, that today , it is one word against so many and that’s why people have really started believing them. However, all this while I hadn’t taken any legal steps but now I realise that my forgiving nature has been taken as my weakness and also for granted. Not only am I going to prove all their accusations false with a SORRY but also make sure that the people who had dragged me into a mess with their fake accusations, controversies, either for publicity or sometimes even for personal gains will now be answerable, legally. Let’s first prove accusations by the above mentioned popular stars wrong with a SORRY. Dropping the video tom #IamSORRY by Vikas Gupta (sic).”

In his caption Vikas wrote, “Coming Out is and should be the person’s personal choice cause in an environment which is Hostile to LGBT it can be really difficult for the person to even survive. I was constantly being pushed around, blackmailed, wrongly accused etc till I decided to come out. I wasn’t expecting my world will become perfect but it becoming so difficult and hostile wasn’t something I had ever thought of. Even after requesting the people who started the fake accusations to please inform that the accusations were false they have refused to do so and continue to encourage others to harass and trouble me. Both Personally and Professionally it’s become imperative for me to take measure for this to Stop – #VikasGupta (sic).”
For the unversed, Roadies fame Vikas Khoker had alleged that Vikas Gupta had asked for sexual favours from him, including asking him to send his nudes. In an interview, Vikas Khoker had said, Vikas Gupta approached him asking for a few photos stating he wanted to cast the former in a show. “I sent some of my pictures but he asked me to send nudes. He told me that he wanted to see my body and private parts,” Khoker told NBT.com in his interview.
Earlier, on the reality show, Aly Goni had alleged that Vikas had tried to blackmail him and had spoked ill about Jasmin Bhasin and his relationship previously. 


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