Cold Sleepers Say This Best-Selling Heated Mattress Pad Is ‘Nicer Than Any Electric Blanket’

Cold Sleepers Say This Best-Selling Heated Mattress Pad Is ‘Nicer Than Any Electric Blanket’

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Everything takes a little more work in the winter, from bundling up to step outside to shoveling snow from your car to walking like a penguin on ice-covered pavements — even getting into bed takes more effort, especially if your bedroom is dry and drafty. For cold sleepers, falling asleep in January is challenging to say the least. If you find yourself wearing fleece pajamas and socks, and piling on throw blankets to stay warm, consider this best-selling heated mattress pad that’ll keep you warm and toasty from the moment you slide into bed. 

Complete with 10 heat settings and a pre-heating option, the mattress pad is designed to keep you comfortable without overheating. It also automatically adjusts to keep the temperature consistent throughout the night, and the mattress pad will automatically shut off after 10 hours. There’s an easy to reach controller, allowing you to adjust the settings as needed. 

Aside from the impressive heat settings, the mattress pad itself is cozy in its own right. Its quilted, 140 thread count, 100 percent polyester fabric is soft to the touch and machine washable. It has a 5-ounce fill for a lightly plush and cloud-like feeling.

Buy It! Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad, $69.99–$124.99;

Amazon shoppers love this mattress pad because it transforms chilly mattresses into warm havens against the winter temperatures. They praise it for its pre-heat setting, soft fabric, and several temperature options. 

One shopper that lives in the Sierra mountains, where temperatures frequently reach zero degrees, said, “This mattress pad is soft, heats gradually as it should, and keeps you warm throughout the night. The biggest problem this mattress pad has is that it makes it so dang hard to get up in the morning when you’re so warm and comfortable in bed and it’s so cold in the room. I highly recommend this to everyone who lives in cold weather!”

“This heated mattress pad is a lifesaver and energy saver,” a reviewer wrote. “It has heat settings one to 10, which I’ve never had to go above a three to warm up. The preheat option is great, and it has an automatic shut off feature after 10 hours in case you forget to turn it off after you crawl out of bed. I was a little concerned about feeling the wires throughout the sheet, but it’s cushioned enough that they’re not noticeable unless you’re running your hand over it.”

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