Too Hard To Handle By Anamika Mishra a 23 yrs. cute writer

Too Hard To Handle By Anamika Mishra
While surfing on twitter, I came across a very young and dynamic writer, who is upcoming with her debut novel ‘Too Hard To Handle’.
The name of the author is Anamika Mishra.
I personally interacted with this 23 year old Girl, and must say the way she talks is truly appreciable.

Her debut novel ‘Too hard To handle’ has attained popularity even before its release.

The facebook page of the novel has over 1900 likes & the novel has a parody account in twitter.

On reading the snippet of the novel, even I found it very interesting and worth reading.
You may read the snippet here:-

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Snippet in my Words:
This is a story of a girl named Anushree Sharma, who is an introvert. This story is a blend of fact & fiction which has a tinch of philosophy which enhances the reading experience. This story is actually like a journey. The situations in our lives like is what happens if you try to mess with the flow of life? what actually is important for a person in a relationship ? is it the past, present or the future? and should one trust his or her best friend blindly? Situations like these brings every one of us to a crossroad which we tend to make our way all alone. Now, lets see how Anushree made her way through!! But, the author states that this story is not a serious kind of story as it sounds here. The story is full of funny, aww and wow moments.

About the Author:

Talking about Anamika Mishra, she is a 23 year old Girl hailing from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. She says writing is her first love. Apart from writing, she loves blogging, travelling, photography, crafting which includes handmade greeting cards & scrapbooking, reading magazines & books.
She is a real kid at heart and loves to enjoy life to the fullest. She loves talking and chit-chatting with friends. She also admires Paulo Coelho as her role model & is a big SRK Maniac.

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