Abhinav Shukla before entering ‘Bigg Boss 14’

Abhinav Shukla before entering ‘Bigg Boss 14’

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One of the most shocking and disappointing evictions on Bigg Boss 14 is of Abhinav Shukla. The actor got eliminated on Tuesday’s episode after connections namely Jasmin Bhasin, Vindu Dara Singh and Jaan Kumar Sanu took his name as an undeserving contestant. Abhinav was the only contestant along with his wife Rubina Dilaik who has been inside Bigg Boss 14 since day one. Before entering the controversial reality show, DNA had a tête-à-tête with Abhinav wherein he spoke about the pros and cons of going with Rubina, his pre-impression of the show and more.
You’re the only one who’s actually going with your dear one. You’re not going to be away from your family fully, you’re going with your partner. How exciting is it to participate with your partner in the reality show like Bigg Boss 14?
I mean, it’s good, you have somebody genuine with you. But it also comes with responsibility and some sort of, the feeling that people will perceive us as a threat because we are together. So, It will be slightly disadvantaged as well. But then, of course, as you said, if you have your wife with you, somebody so close, you have a little bit of emotional support. Though we have our own way of thinking and we might not agree on a lot of things. But yes, slight comfort in it and a lot of responsibility.
Rubina and you have been a very private couple, so are you gearing up for something or are you just going to react as and when the situation comes up?
We are going to be spontaneous, there’s nothing we have planned, or there’s no strategy in place. As that’s how the format of the show is, it’s a very beautiful thing; we will have to make decisions in the spur of the moment. We have to take a stand, depending on what’s happening, which we cannot plan as of now. Of course, we are private people, but then I thought that I’d been too much cut off from the public. They don’t know much about me, just the work, which they have seen onscreen. So maybe it’s a good time to, tell them that, this is how I am. People want to see somebody something fresh now as I’m not a typical, textbook case of Bollywood or a TV star. So, yeah, something refreshing for them.

So who was offered the show, you or Rubina?
Rubina has been offered it many times, I have been offered the show several times. This time, they put us together that ‘we would like to have both of you’. Initially, I was reluctant. I told her ‘it’s better you go, deal with the people be out in the open on your own, you will learn a lot about yourself.’ Then she said, ‘Why can’t we both, do it and see for ourselves like how good we are as a team?’ I saw a lot of challenges in that and I accepted it.
What has been your pre-impression of Bigg Boss?
When the ideas collide, the sparks will fly for sure. We have the so-called celebrities who are very pampered have their own set of things, quality checks, and nakhras. So definitely there’ll be a lot of sparks flying because not everybody will take somebody’s dirty laundry. Friction will be there, of course, and we know that that’s what Bigg Boss is all about. It’s a beautiful format where you put 10-15 people deprive them of the basic comfort, they just fight among themselves. That’s the beauty of the show! I’m prepared for it mentally and physically. Just that, I avoid too much loose talk and filthy language, which is not my thing. I think I’ll be the refraining from that as much as I can.
Which is one thing that’s strictly a no-no from your side when you are inside the house?
I don’t like using filthy language that doesn’t mean I don’t know the abuses. But I would refrain from it. Especially because there are a lot of women around and the whole nation will be watching. But I’m sure they’re always a loose cannon who just go on and on and on. I don’t know that that’s something which I will really avoid. But if the buttons are pushed, everybody snaps.
What do you think is the right mantra to actually get people’s heart and eventually the Bigg Boss trophy?
Will see I am going with not too much of a fan following there are other there must be other celebrities who have a lot of fan following. I don’t have any fan base, I’m going in with my flaws. But one thing I’m sure about that I connect with the common people a lot more despite being a so-called, TV celebrity. I have a lot of connectivity with the humbler folk of India. So they will connect with me when I conduct myself daily. They’ll relate to what I say. So whether it be rationing of the food or conserving something which we might need in the long run, so people will have some sort of connectivity with me.


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