Want To Boycott Trump’s Businesses? Now There’s An App For That

Are we perplexing to equivocate giving your income to businesses who possibly support President-elect Donald Trump or were complicit in his choosing to a White House? A new app is here to help.

Boycott Trump is a giveaway app from Democratic Coalition Against Trump accessible on iPhones, iPads and Androids that allows users to hunt a database of over 250 businesses to establish if they share a tie to Trump. The app’s creators have already found dozens of high-profile businesses that support or are dependent with Trump ― and some of them might warn you.

“This app is a initial step in a incomparable Boycott Trump campaign, that will underline a one grassroots transformation centered on holding companies and people that assistance Trump in any approach accountable,” Executive Director of Democratic Coalition Against Trump Nate Lemer told The Huffington Post. “The debate is all about empowerment… By doing so we aim to give people a protected and prolific approach to voice their condemnation of Trump. We’ve supposed Trump won a choosing though that doesn’t meant we have to accept all he stands for.”

Democratic Coalition Against Trump is a largest grassroots anti-Trump transformation with a following of over 150,000 supporters. Head here for some-more information or here to check out a Boycott Trump app for yourself. 

Looking for ways to support communities and organizations that might face hardships when a Trump/Pence administration comes to power? Here’s a accessible list of groups that will need your money, time and support.

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