Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Commuter Style

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29th Dec 2015 / Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Commuter Style




You don’t need to be out in full lycra to cycle to work, however we do need to make certain we are wearing a scold wardrobe for your ride. You don’t wish is to spin adult to a bureau drizzling with persperate and mud – or with a slice in your suit. You can keep to your new healthy 2016 fortitude in character by following this commuter character guide.


You need to buy a waterproof coupler given there is no possibility you’ll be gripping dry on a city cycle invert in Britain. You’ll need something that is easy to take off and container away. New code Lumo have launched their entrance collection of jackets with pointed dim waterproof LED strips that are manifest 400m divided for reserve in a dark. The jackets are done from a slick element so are wholly H2O resistant. They underline forsaken hems, stretched shoulder panels and zipped and captivating shutting pockets to keep all your effects in on route. Not usually with this kind of coupler suitable for your commute, it’s also easy to chuck on if we cocktail out for lunch during your day.


If we wear a fit to work, we wouldn’t advise wearing a fit coupler on your bicycle. They are restricting for transformation and you’ll finish adult deleterious a fabric. Simply overlay and hurl it into your trek and put it on once we arrive to work. You can wear a intelligent oxford shirt with a organisation neck jumper for a stylish demeanour that will also keep we gentle on your approach into a office. When looking for a shirt we ideally wish something that isn’t utterly 100% string as this can be restricting. Look for shirts done with both string and lycra that gives a feel of elasticity. TM Lewin has a good choice of Oxford shirts as do Vulpine. The same order goes for a sweater too – merino nap is always a good choice given a breathable, high peculiarity and warm.


If we can get divided with being means to wear jeans during a bureau we can try and wear a dim denim pair, again with lyrca within a fabric for palliate of movement. Alternatively, if we can’t wear denim for a office, Marks Spencer for instance have special ‘cycling chinos’ that not usually give we a comfort to pierce though also a insurance opposite your manhood. Another good cause is they’re H2O resistant.

Shoes Accessories 

Wearing gentle boots for a cycling invert is essential. Some people chose to wear trainers and afterwards change once during a office, though if you’re reading this essay afterwards my theory is we are a small some-more character conscious. We advise we opt for a derby shoe or a brogue, something with a good hold during a bottom such as a rubber sole. The solitary is critical so that we don’t slip, generally in soppy continue conditions. A code such as Geox make breathable intelligent boots that also give we a ability to be active in them. Alternatively Quoc Pham furnish specific cycling boots e.g. Derby boots with a cork interior for comfort and a persperate explanation leather lining. They’re also done to be ragged with or but pedal clips for ease.

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