#UK1909 Morgan at Selfridges

To applaud a partnership between dual iconic British brands both founded in 1909, Morgan has combined a singular book EV3 UK1909, a 0 glimmer electric 3-wheeler car, disdainful to Selfridges.

With usually 19 in existence, a automobile is crafted from a best British materials – from a commemorative board to a upholstery and hardware. There’s even a mini reflection to a automobile, a EV3 Junior, for a small racers to be.

As good as a EV3 UK1909, we are showcasing a bespoke pushing kit, accessible exclusively to those purchasing a vehicle.

The full pushing pack features:

•    Globetrotter box done from a mohair fabric of a EV3 UK1909 Edition tonneau cover, with inner solid stitching and a tiny bronze Selfridges plaque
•    Christopher Raeburn bespoke pushing altogether in waterproof materials, with yellow taping to compare a stop calipers on a car
•    George Cleverley leather pushing boots done in a same leather and solid stitching as a automobile seats
•    Richard James tweed pushing coupler with diamond-stitch bend rags in a mohair fabric of a EV3 UK1909 Edition tonneau cover
•    Linda Farrow pushing goggles in leather and bronze
•    Alexander McQueen spare pushing headband in skull print
•    Karl Donoghue soothing shearling-lined helmets for winter drives, with diamond-stitch leather and accessible as a pair
•    Belstaff audacious waxed string coupler for stormy drives, done exclusively in a UK for this collaboration
•    Dents pushing gloves by The Queen’s favourite glove maker, with diamond-stich leather and embossed Morgan logo

For EV3 UK1909 Edition sales enquiries, greatfully call 020 7318 3536.

The UK1909 Morgan automobile and pushing pack will be on arrangement in Gifts Accessories on G during Selfridges Oxford Street, London from 23 November.

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