The Cinched Waist

Yes, it’s a trend, though some-more than that – it’s something that women have kind of been spooky with for ages. The impossibly skinny waist! Men too, actually. The word corset is subsequent from a French word corps (body), that itself derives from corpus – Latin for body. And traditionally are done of a stretchable element to assistance we fast heed to a many select silhouette. Ah history!

This chronicle from Tibi, a soft, non-restrictive rope during your waist, isn’t as focused on a unthinkable reshaping of your body, though some-more accenting it – and for that, we consider I’m for it. Plus it is flattering elegant, and a discerning refurbish to an differently elementary look.

To string or not to cinch, what do we think?

White Ruffled Top, Atlantique Ascoli ; Black Stretch Corset, Tibi ; Striped Pant, Tibi ; Swarovski Embellished Clutch, Jimmy Choo

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