Shailene Woodley Tells The True History Of Thanksgiving In New Standing Rock Video

For many Americans, Thanksgiving is a time to mangle bread with family and desired ones, though for local people a holiday is perpetually compared with a bequest of assault wrought on inland communities given a country’s founding. 

Shailene Woodley, who has been one of many high-profile advocates opposite a Dakota Access Pipeline, is now vocalization out about a sanitization of American story in videos expelled on Thursday during Standing Rock reservation.  

“Today is a day that many call Thanksgiving, and it’s a day where kids in facile propagandize in America are taught fake narratives about a local brothers and sisters,” Woodley said, fighting behind tears in an talk with TYT Politics.

The “Divergent” singer has assimilated thousands of activists in new months job for a permanent anathema on an oil pipeline that would lift wanton oil opposite dedicated lands, potentially contaminating a population’s uninformed H2O source and unfortunate dedicated grounds. 

“From a time we’re small kids, we cut out in card paper cinema of pilgrims and feasts and turkeys, and nonetheless nothing of a children know a law about not usually what happened to Native Americans when Westerners motionless to inhabit this country, though what is still function to Native Americans” she continued. “Thanksgiving was founded on a electrocute and nonetheless we’re here with cops and snipers with rubber bullets and I’m ill of it.”

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