Pakistan Cricket Board Prepares to Take Legal Recourse Against BCCI

Pakistan Cricket Board Prepares to Take Legal Recourse Against BCCI


PCB authority Shaharyar Khan has pronounced that it could take authorised chance and find remuneration from a a BCCI after a ICC ruled in foster of Pakistan in a brawl over a women’s array that was not hold in September-October in Dubai.

“The ICC had asked a BCCI to uncover a letters or any other papers with their outmost method to endorse it didn’t send a organisation to play Pakistan in a ICC women’s champions joining in UAE on recommendation of a government,” Shaharyar said.

“The ICC technical cabinet awarded points to a women’s organisation dogmatic a array as dispossessed by India given a BCCI couldn’t uncover any request that reliable they were stopped by their supervision from personification a series,” he said.

The PCB arch pronounced a ICC had told a BCCI to uncover any justification to behind their explain they couldn’t play Pakistan in a shared array due to supervision advice.

“The BCCI couldn’t uncover any request to a ICC to behind their explain that is because a ICC cabinet awarded 6 points to Pakistan,” he said.

The BCCI is not happy with a ICC preference that came after Pakistan pronounced it was prepared o horde India for a joining championship array in Dubai.

Shaharyar done it transparent that a ICC preference opposite a BCCI had given certainty to a PCB.

“We now wish a Indian house to yield a ICC with justification that they have been told by their supervision to not play us in shared array notwithstanding a created MOU sealed between a dual play in 2014 to play 6 such array between 2015 and 2022,” he told a “Jang” newspaper.

“We were even prepared to horde a home array in Sri Lanka final Jan underneath a MOU though India pronounced it didn’t get clearway from a outmost ministry.”

The PCB arch pronounced a board’s authorised organisation had been told to ready a correct paper on this that would be submitted by Pakistan during a subsequent ICC assembly in Dubai in January.

“We will find authorised chance opposite a BCCI around a ICC height and also correct remuneration for a many array they have refused to play opposite us and caused us complicated losses,” he said.

India has not played Pakistan in a full shared array given 2007 when Pakistan went to India.

Shaharyar also pronounced that if BCCI refused to also play Pakistan in a Champions Trophy organisation theatre subsequent year in Jun in England, a ICC would now have authorised belligerent to take despotic movement opposite it.

He serve pronounced that due to India’s refusal to play Pakistan in a shared array Pakistan cricket had suffered a lot.

“We have mislaid income and don’t have a supports to deposit in a bar or domestic cricket,” he said.

“We are already confronting hardships due to other teams not furloughed Pakistan due to confidence concerns given 2009.”

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