Nail Art Know How: Stacked Squares

If a time traveler took a path in any present-day dialect store, they competence doubt what decade they’d landed in. That’s since this season, a 1970s are behind with a vengeance—patchwork sum and suede abound. Manicurist Tracylee took a evidence from a former in formulating this week’s mani. “It’s a patchwork-like overlie of a boxes that keeps a pattern from feeling too static,” she says.

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To get a look, request a covering of transparent base. Then, lay down dual coats of Burberry spike gloss in “Nude Pink,” ($22; a barely-there blush, and concede to dry.

Next, drop a striper brush in Dior’s brick-red “Massai” spike gloss ($27; and outline a block during possibly a tip or bottom of any nail. Then, use a same brush to fill in a shape. (Don’t worry if you’re disposed to coloring outward a lines—we’ll straighten things out shortly.) Repeat a routine regulating a purify striper brush dipped in Formula X’s camel-colored “Brain Power” spike gloss ($11;, overlapping a block we already created.

Finally, use a uninformed striper brush dipped in your bottom color—“Nude Pink”—to straighten a edges of any square. (According to Tracylee, creation refinements regulating a bottom shade instead of a tone of a squares themselves creates for a cleaner finish.) Add a appropriate of tip coat, and only like that, you’re flash a season’s coolest trend—no denim coupler required.

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