Mom Captures Beautiful Moment ‘Miracle’ Baby Sees Snow For The First Time

In Dec 2015, doctors told Johanna Morton she was going to miscarry. Just a few weeks ago, she watched her daughter see sleet for a initial time. 

Morton told The Huffington Post that when she was 12 weeks pregnant, doctors detected something was wrong with her baby’s heart formed on a approach it sounded.  

“They told me we was going to miscarry,” Morton said. “A week or dual after when we didn’t miscarry, it seemed like each appointment we would be told something else was wrong with her heart, another diagnosis.”

Doctors after told Morton that her baby would be stillborn. Her daughter, Clara Ray, defied a odds, though, and was innate around C-section on Jun 14th during 37 weeks. 

“It was a spectacle she hung on,” Morton said. “Even in a handling room, they couldn’t tell me if she would be innate alive.” 

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