Melania and Barron Trump Will Stay in New York City (Maybe)

Blink twice for help.Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

On Saturday Night Live, Melania Trump dreamed of evading Trump Tower and exploring a universe outside. Sidewalks! Parks! Strangers! Alas, a genuine Melania Trump and her son Barron are staying in Trump Tower instead of streamer to D.C. after Donald Trump’s (shudder) inauguration.

According to a source for a New York Post, “Melania is intensely tighten to Barron, and they have turn closer during a debate … The debate has been formidable for Barron, and she is unequivocally anticipating to keep intrusion to a minimum.” The source combined that a destiny First Lady is “really devoted” to her son. “Melania has not relied on nannies to lift a child and is frequently seen picking a fourth-grader adult from his prep school, where fee is north of $40,000.”

The area around Trump Tower has already turn a sum hellscape, with usually feet trade authorised on West 56th between Fifth Avenue and Madison, and anyone great adequate to travel down that retard is theme to search. People who live, work, or revisit a area can design some-more of a same once Trump takes office.


The Daily Beast reports, “On a call with reporters after Sunday morning, communications executive Jason Miller pronounced it has not nonetheless been motionless either Barron and Melania will stay in New York, though combined there is ‘obvious sensitivity’ in pulling Barron, 10, from his propagandize in a city’s Upper West Side before a finish of a propagandize year. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell after reported that a span will pierce to a White House during a finish of a propagandize year in mid-2017. Miller pronounced a Trump transition group will be releasing a grave matter on a matter soon.”

Later Sunday afternoon, Trump reliable he will be vital in a White House. When asked about Melania and Barron’s skeleton to move, he replied, “Very soon. After he’s finished with school.”

New York Post

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