Inside the fragrance matchmaking service that promises to find the perfect perfume for your personality

Can a lifelong non-wearer of scent ever find her smell partner? A new aroma matchmaking use says yes, of course. Hannah Shuckburgh puts it to a test…

On Saturday nights, Becky from series 41 would babysit. My silent would lick me goodnight on her approach out to dinner, holding her face tighten to cave as she tucked a duvet firmly around me. Half-lit from a hallway, she was soothing and hazy: velvet, silk, powder, trinket and scent. For a few moments after she left, my room would still smell of Diorissimo, solemnly vanishing as she walked down a stairs. Her smell was some-more than simply a odour she wore. It was a essence of a glorious and poser of night-time, of femininity and of adulthood.

A few years later, my friends and we were in Pineapple Lycra bodies, Palladium boots, drifting jackets and Levi’s 501s ragged high on a waist. We’d round a eyes in kohl, make feign IDs on someone’s brother’s laminating machine, and give any other mixtapes of The Lemonheads and Alanis Morissette. That epoch smelt, intoxicatingly, of honeyed berry mouth shimmer and The Body Shop White Musk. And there was Mitsouko, a Guerlain scent my father has always worn. Now really ill with dementia, his mind and suggestion faded, his smell – Mitsouko, dim coffee, Gitanes cigarettes – is as neatly in concentration as ever.

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