In Trump’s America, Comedy Clubs Are Becoming Less And Less Funny

“Since a election, we’ve seen a large uptick in incidents of vandalism, threats, danger spurred by a tongue surrounding Mr. Trump’s election,” pronounced Southern Poverty Law Center boss Richard Cohen. “The white supremacists out there are celebrating his feat and many are feeling their oats.”

Todd Masterson, a Los Angeles–based comedian, pronounced that while he privately hasn’t witnessed an uptick in heckling Trump supporters given a election, he has beheld a change onstage and behind a bar. “Straight, bro-y dudes,” he said, unexpected feel emboldened to lapse to domestic incorrectness. “One male was like, ‘Oh, we can tell rape jokes again,’” pronounced Masterson. At a comedy night he performs during in Los Angeles, a pro-Trump barkeeper also told a producers of a uncover that they “can’t do any anti-Trump material,” he said. 

Added Masterson, “It’s really an assertive time to be a comedian.”

But a charge isn’t singular only to Trump supporters, according to Marcella Arguello, a Latina comedian in Los Angeles. “I thought that regressive people would be a problem,” she said. “What I’m removing is really supportive magnanimous audiences.”

At a new show, Arguello said, she was doing a bit about a reserve pins that Americans began to wear after a choosing in oneness with marginalized peoples. Part of a bit involves devising her newcomer mother, who is not wakeful of a fad, being tormented by a male wearing a reserve pin during Target. But she wasn’t means to finish her fun before another lady in a throng who seemed to also be Latina spoke up. 

“She was like, ‘You shouldn’t be vouchsafing these people giggle during immigrants not carrying entrance to a internet,” Arguello said. “I was like, ‘Are we teasing me right now?’” Arguello, who certified she gets assertive with hecklers, afterwards jokingly asked if a heckler wanted to fight. 

The annoy shows no signs of failing anytime soon. But a uncover will go on. And so, Peter Kim, a comedian who left Second City final month, told a Chicago Reader this week that he was returning to Second City for a new uncover formed wholly on operative with a crowd. 

“I wanted to be in a same place where a same people competence come so we could have a possibility to speak behind and close down hecklers if they have hatred speech,” he said. “I consider a pivotal story is that these horrible people were out there anyway. It’s not specific to Second City — clearly, after a choosing we see them entrance out in droves.”

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