Here’s A Case For Marijuana Legalization In The United States

A few of a country’s many notable Founding Fathers ― consider George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams ― grew a cannabis plant, hemp, as a multipurpose crop, while colonists from that time could compensate their taxes with a plant. Betsy Ross sewed her American dwindle from hemp.

“How could it be any some-more all-American than that?” Jesse Ventura asked with a giggle while articulate on a phone with The Huffington Post in graduation of his book, Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto.

“If George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were alive today, they’d both be raided by a DEA,” pronounced Ventura, a former Minnesota administrator and maestro wrestler. “They’d be doing 10 to 12 years in a sovereign jail for being vital drug dealers. Now, does anyone besides Jesse Ventura see something wrong with that picture?”

Ventura’s book, co-written with Jen Hobbs, creates a box for pot legalization in a United States. In it, Ventura provides personal anecdotes, reported stories and collected statistics on a pros, like intensity mercantile boosts for state governments and health advantages with consumption. For example, a new Harvard blog explained marijuana’s utility for AIDS and cancer patients to kindle ardour or wand off nausea.

“I’d rather have someone take a strike of pot than be on Prozac,” pronounced Ventura. His book also advocates for a governmental negatives that would be mislaid with legalization, such as an finish to a material repairs of a “War on Drugs” and a decreased faith on costly pharmaceuticals for conditions that Ventura claims can be treated with pot instead.

“In a box of marijuana, we could grow it in your backyard, bad people could have entrance to it and they wouldn’t indispensably have to compensate a supervision after a initial investment,” pronounced a former governor, explaining that an barrier for legalization is antithesis from supervision or curative companies that would no longer acquire increase from this form of treatment. For example, argumentative curative association Insys Therapeutics contributed $500,000 to quarrel an Arizona list measure that would legalize recreational pot usually this September.

Ventura is a maestro Navy SEAL who quite wants a drug ratified for a intensity advantages with helping PTSD (post-traumatic highlight disorder). FX comedy “You’re The Worst” decorated this emanate in a many new season, display a maestro struggling with a side effects and ineffectiveness of prescribed meds, usually to find service by smoking marijuana.

“This plant is unbelievable,” pronounced Ventura. “You’re not going to overdose … maybe over a duration of months, we competence benefit some weight.” He started laughing. “You competence be overindulging in your eating habits, maybe. It could occur we suppose. Maybe they’ll censure plumpness on it.”

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