Chrissy Teigen Slams Trump For Demanding ‘Hamilton’ Cast Apologize To Mike Pence

We can always count on Chrissy Teigen to pronounce her mind ― it’s one of a many reasons we adore her ― and that’s accurately what she did over a weekend after Donald Trump demanded a expel of a Broadway low-pitched “Hamilton” apologize to Mike Pence. 

The Sports Illustrated indication done her Twitter comment open on Saturday to post a array of strident tweets slamming a president-elect. 

“Look who wants a fucking protected space now,” she wrote. “The really thing him and his supporters make fun of as magnanimous domestic correctness. God, what a POS.” 

“Donald is supportive adequate to indeed find out a approach to punish/get behind during anyone who brave impugn him. That’s such a unhappy thought,” Teigen added. “Donald knows really good what he is doing. He knows a Hamilton debate was NBD. He knows his twitter will glow both sides adult to confuse from a 25 million dollar allotment of yesterday. Most conniving tellurian on world earth.” 

This whole thing started when Pence, a incoming clamp president, attended a record-breaking low-pitched on Friday night. After a performance, a expel stood on theatre as Brandon Dixon delivered a touching summary directly to him. 

“We, sir, we are a different America, who are dumbfounded and concerned that your new administration will not strengthen us, a planet, a children, a relatives or urge us and defend a inalienable rights,” Dixon pronounced to Pence, who listened from a hallway. 

Dixon added, “We truly wish that this uncover has desirous we to defend a American values and to work on interest of all of us.” 

Naturally, Trump took emanate with a cast’s message, job it “rude” and perfectionist they apologize. 

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