British Teenager Cryogenically Frozen After Dying From Cancer

LONDON (Reuters) – A 14-year aged lady who died of cancer has been cryogenically solidified in a wish she could be brought behind to life in a destiny after winning a landmark justice box shortly before her death, a BBC reported on Friday.

It pronounced a lady was upheld in her wish to be recorded by her mom though not by her father.

The BBC pronounced a High Court decider ruled that a girl’s mom should be authorised to confirm what happened to a body.

The girl, who lived in a London area, can’t be named for authorised reasons.

When she died in Oct her physique was taken to a United States and recorded there, a BBC added.

Cryonics is a use or technique of deep-freezing a bodies of those who have died of an incorrigible disease, in a wish of a destiny cure.

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