AMAs Censor Chrissy Teigen’s Election Diss, Because Nothing Is Fair

Chrissy Teigen got a wordless diagnosis when she introduced father John Legend’s opening during a American Music Awards on Sunday night. 

All choosing long, a supermodel-turned-political-commentator has gay us with her refreshingly lucid takes on amicable media, so it was no warn that she took a impulse during a lectern to residence what was on everybody’s mind. 

“This subsequent performer is a shining musician and a smashing father who creates a flattering damn good breakfast sandwich and he has been famous to write adore songs about me,” Teigen said.

“What can we say? I’m unequivocally inspiring,” she added, according to Billboard, continuing, “but his songs are bigger than possibly of us and on a heels of what’s been a unequivocally engaging engaging f**ked adult choosing for all of us, we consider we could all use a small adore tonight.” 

Unfortunately, a AMAs cut Teigen off after “interesting,” withdrawal all examination during home to consternation what accurately she said. 

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