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Alijah Harrison

Soul Artist Management (New York)




Place of Origin:
Hannibal, Missouri. It’s Mark Twain’s hometown, that’s what we’re famous for.

Ethnic Origin:
I’m indeed not sure. My relatives don’t know, yet I’ve listened a lot of Scandinavian.


How discovered:
In a gas station. we was shopping a candy bar, only going about my day, about to get on a highway with my sister, and my mom agents Jeff and Mary only happened to be during a same gas hire flitting behind to St. Louis. They approached me and a subsequent weekend we was down doing exam shoots, and afterwards 4 months after they brought me to New York.

Favorite things:
I’m a outrageous sports guy. we adore sports, any sports. we did football, basketball, and tennis in high school. I’m perplexing to get into cooking. I’m training to prepare a small bit now that we have some some-more giveaway time on my hands. I’m also unequivocally competitive, so any foe I’m customarily down for. And fitness. we was unequivocally into aptness before we got into displaying and that only carried over. And now I’m removing into conform and I’m fondness to learn about this crazy world.

What are we listening to during a moment?
I’m still stranded on Drake—some of his comparison things though, like “Star67,” “Karaoke,” a integrate of my favorites right there.

Favorite movie, tv show:
Movie, unequivocally Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon. I’m a outrageous Matt Damon fan. TV show, How we Met Your Mother.

Favorite designer, incense or beauty product:
This is so biased, yet we got to go Versace.

What would we be doing if we weren’t modeling?
I was in college operative a part-time job, formulation on doing that for a subsequent 4 years and afterwards removing in a cycle like each other American. we only finished my initial year of engineering, so we wanted to go into mechanism or electrical engineering, yet we don’t know if I’ll stay with that or if I’ll switch when we go back. My pursuit was operative during a production association contrast stop cables and stop levers, so it was right along what we was going to propagandize for.

What’s something uncool that we adore anyway?
Solving Rubik’s Cubes. One of my friends behind in center propagandize got me into them. He was messing around with one and we wanted to try it, so we only picked it up. He taught me how to do it, so that’s how we got into it.

What’s your record?
Just underneath a notation was a fastest we could ever do, yet now we can’t do it that fast.

Favorite displaying knowledge so far?
Getting to go to Napoli. When we was in Italy, we had a pursuit in Napoli and we got to try a pizza from Napoli and it unequivocally fit a hype. The best pizza I’ve had.

First displaying job:
The initial large one was a Versace Jeans campaign. That was my initial time operative with people of that caliber. we had never seen an tangible set that complex, like a lighting schemes and things like that. They shaved my conduct so I’ve been flourishing it out ever given then. we was impressed during a time a small bit, yet it was unequivocally a good knowledge for me. It was after like a month-and-a-half, dual months of vital here when that came through.

What’s a best thing about your hometown/country?
The accessible atmosphere. They call it America’s Hometown and if you’re pushing down a street, many people are going to call during you. People are going to reason a doorway open for you, say, “Hi, how’s your day going?” It’s only a opposite enlightenment with a people.

Which code would we unequivocally adore to indication for?
I would adore to do a Philipp Plein uncover only since they’re crazy, yet Versace was such a good event for me starting out. That’s one of my favorites as well.

Place we would adore to visit:
Maybe Yosemite. we like nature. we adore a city, we adore Milan, London, yet when I’m roving for myself, it would substantially be to some-more healthy places.

Currently you’re spooky with/about:
Playing basketball. I’ve been personification a lot newly and when we get adequate guys together, it’s a good time. We have this small park outward of a unit not too far, so we customarily play there.

What’s a best square of recommendation you’ve been given?
My father always told me flourishing up, if it’s value doing, it’s value doing right. You can request that to all in life, so it’s one of my favorite quotes.

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