7 Lies Carrie Bradshaw Told You

Whether you’re peaceful to possess adult to it or not, during some indicate or another you’ve substantially attempted to channel your middle Carrie Bradshaw. It’s okay, we’ve all been there and those who haven’t are substantially usually vital in a crippling fear of being deemed simple (it’s excellent guys, this is a protected place).

Maybe we changed to New York City to turn a author or to find your Mr. Big (lol, how’s that going for you?) or maybe we and your closest girlfriends accommodate adult each Sunday to report over brunch. Either way, we can’t repudiate that Carrie was good during offered a singular lady in a city life—glamour! engineer shoes! Cosmos! prohibited group everywhere to date! freelancing so we can equivocate sitting during an bureau table all day! a outrageous closet! a enchanting bill to compensate for it all!

Well, we don’t know about you, though somewhere in a midst of a Sex and a City marathon in my Manhattan unit (with no adequate closet space and a few roach sightings to tote) on a Friday night (when we was not club-hopping a city over creation with my girlfriends) we was reminded that Carrie Bradshaw is indeed a large fat liar. Allured by her dating “wisdom” and good shoes, she unequivocally had us all fooled into desiring that we too could pierce to a city and be “a genuine life Carrie Bradshaw.” Wrong.

Below, a list of some of a best lies she told us, since as we all know: we can never review too many SATC articles in your lifetime.

1) It’s so easy to accommodate group in New York! Real talk: when you’re a singular lady in a city you’ll spend many of your dating life perplexing to find ANY decent tellurian value going on a date with, not determining between dual “dream” guys you’re dating during once.

2) You’ll be totally excellent if we confirm to spend your paycheck on boots instead of rent. Nope, infrequently adequate your landlord generally doesn’t share an bargain for your adore of Manolos. And we also need to know how a bank comment works as a functioning adult to, we know, survive.

3) You can means (and find) an Upper East Side unit all by yourself with a hulk closet and copiousness of space. No roommates, no rodents, apart bedrooms for everything? Carrie’s whole unit is a large distortion in itself. Enough said.

4) You never have to take open travel when there are cabs everywhere! Cab rides aren’t free, shockingly, and not ideal to take 24/7 on a writer’s budget. Instead, you’ll many expected find yourself sweating to genocide on a transport height while watchful for a subsequent swarming sight to fist yourself onto with a rest of a commoners. Chic.

5) You can run around in a city in 6 in. stilettos. Those dream engineer heels we splurged on are sadly not going to withstand subways, path grates, questionable puddles and a daily grind.

6) You’ll be totally confident shopping conform instead of food. Nobody in a story of humankind has ever been happy shopping a repository instead of eating ACTUAL FOOD for dinner. It’s called a Shake Shack burger and fries, Carrie, quit playing.

7) You can somehow means vital in New York by usually essay one mainstay a week. Sounds like a flattering ideal setup to me though nope, this competence usually be her biggest distortion of them all. Better go find a side hustle.

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