Zulekha Hospital in UAE to collaborate with Israel’s Health plus

Zulekha Hospital in UAE to collaborate with Israel’s Health plus

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Dubai: Zulekha Hospital (UAE) and Israel based Health Plus, which is an international marketing arm of Hadassah Hospital have signed a mutual agreement to cooperate in the field of Medical Tourism.

The UAE is widely renowned for the excellent infrastructure and exceptional medical facilities, as well as hospitality services offered to international patients seeking top quality health care. This partnership will further strengthen both health care systems with exchange of medical expertise and best practices.

Dr Ziaur Rahman Shah, Senior Director Administration at Zulekha Hospital Dubai and Dr Tatiana Zhelninova, Head of Health Plus Middle East, commented on the exciting potential of the deal, following the signing of this agreement.

Taher Shams, Managing Director of Zulekha Healthcare Group said: “We consider this to be a great collaborative opportunity between two health care entities and the region. This will further support the socio-economic progress across borders. We are happy to create this joint progressive opportunity for Israeli and UAE health care professionals.”

David Berezin, CEO of Health Plus, said: “Dubai and Israel health sectors are very well known for their major achievements. When two renowned health care service providers become one, then the outcome can only be a commendable one.”


Original news source Credit: gulfnews.com

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