WWDC 2024 Rumour Roundup: iOS 18 Expected To Come With Generative AI, More

WWDC 2024 Rumour Roundup: iOS 18 Expected To Come With Generative AI, More

Apple is preparing for its highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), set to unveil its latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) on June 10. Speculation is rampant following news of Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI and its interest in Google’s Gemini model, igniting curiosity about the company’s AI strategy. Now, buzz around the rumour mill suggests that iOS 18 could bring in AI-made emojis and might first see a Beta release.

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iOS 18: AI-Made Emojis, More Expected Features

According to renowned Apple analyst Mark Gurman’s recent report for Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly working on generative AI for emojis, potentially allowing users to create custom emojis tailored to any occasion, promising a new level of personalisation.

The anticipated features of iOS 18 also include voice memo transcription, enhanced Spotlight capabilities, and intelligent email and text suggestions. 

The upcoming iOS 18 update is expected to be released initially as a Beta or Preview version before its official rollout in September. This soft launch strategy hints at ongoing development, suggesting that Apple’s AI innovations may still be a work in progress.

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Despite trailing behind competitors like Google and Samsung in the AI race, Apple aims for a significant leap forward this year.

Gurman suggests that while Google has been making strides in AI, Apple approaches its evolution cautiously, focusing on core iOS apps like Safari, Notes, Messages, and Siri.

As WWDC draws near, the spotlight shifts to how Apple will showcase these AI features, given their ongoing development. Can Apple catch up with industry leaders, or does it still lag behind in the AI race? Only time will tell as Apple steps forward to unveil its vision for the future.

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