When Hilary Duff’s kids walked in on her giving birth to her third child at home

When Hilary Duff’s kids walked in on her giving birth to her third child at home

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Actor Hilary Duff shared some more intimate details from her recent home birth, telling host Dr Elliot Berlin on an episode of ‘Informed Pregnancy‘ podcast that her nine-year-old son Luca had walked in, when she was in labour, and pulling out the baby.

The 33-year-old ‘Lizzie McGuire‘ star said that when she was giving birth to her third child, daughter Mae Bair, at home, she had her husband Matthew Koma, her mother, a doula (also her birth photographer), a friend, and three midwives by her side.

According to an Insider report, Duff said her water broke around midnight, but her contractions didn’t start until the following afternoon. And when they did, the actual birth “happened so fast”.

“Luca made it right as I was pulling the baby out, and Banks [her 2-year-old daughter] came in right after that,” Duff was quoted as saying. She shares Luca with her ex-husband Mike Comrie. With Koma, she is a parent to daughters Banks and Mae.

Per the report, Duff told Berlin that she had prepared Luca on what to expect when he joined Duff during Mae’s birth.”It was kind of important for me, because I’m really big on being open and honest with him about how strong women are and how childbirth looks… He knows all about periods and you know, it’s important for me to normalise that conversation with him for all the women who are going to be in his life,” Duff explained.

“I think that sometimes a nine-year-old boy is like, ‘Well, men have bigger muscles’, and, yeah, but we bring life into this world. We move a baby through our body,” she added.

Duff, who gave birth to Mae James on March 24, also spoke about her postpartum struggles, mainly breastfeeding. Sharing how breastfeeding has always been “really hard” for her, she said during the hour-long podcast: “Just still painful and it’s hard, and it’s even harder having the other two that I know need me so much, and this takes up such a huge portion of the day. It seems like every 20 minutes I’m feeding the baby, and I have to be sitting in one place.”

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