What you do with rejection determines your success

What you do with rejection determines your success

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This TEDx video talks about the faulty ways in which we view rejections and take them personally.

“Rejection isn’t something we should be afraid of. It isn’t something that should make us discouraged, depressed or work unhealthy amount of hours just to prove to the world that we are somebody worth loving and paying attention to. Rather, rejection is our friend and not our enemy… It is the greatest catalyst to success and proof of our value and uniqueness.

“We can view rejection in two ways. First, by seeing it as a psychological projection, that is when someone subconsciously employs undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else rather than admitting to or dealing with their own unwanted feelings. It may have more to do with the other person’s inner turmoil and not our value, our lives will change. It is a projection of someone else’s own fears and insecure feelings onto others. Second, we can see it as protection from something or someone that isn’t meant for us.

“Sometimes talking bad about others makes people feel good about themselves. Properly handling rejection is a crucial component to ending rising anxiety, depression, and suicide rates in the world. One study from the Oxford Handbook of Social Exclusions stated that rejection is both a cause and consequence of depression.

“We can leverage our moments of rejection to produce confidence and success. The world needs to have a perspective shift: rather to internalise rejection to mean that we are less valuable or that our future is unsure, we should view it as protection from something or someone that isn’t meant to be in our lives anymore.”

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