Welp, Moschino Sent Pool Floaties Down the Runway

Welp, Moschino Sent Pool Floaties Down the Runway

Moschino Spring 2023

Jeremy Scott has always been known for his out-of-the-box silhouettes and quite literal approach to fashion. And if you thought his Spring 2023 runway show would be any different …well!

Scott’s latest collection for Moschino hit the catwalk on Thursday at Milan Fashion Week and there the designer brought out his latest eccentric creations inspired by none other than the summer’s poolside. The 64-piece collection features a slew of styles that resemble a childhood dream-come-true, from billowing gowns to matching sets featuring — you guessed it — lots and lots of inflatable floaties.

moschino s23 059 - Welp, Moschino Sent Pool Floaties Down the Runway

Moschino Spring 2023 runway show in Milan.

Scott’s vision for ready-to-wear shines through from underneath the outwardly whimsical and unconventional. With a pearly white water fountain placed in the center of the catwalk, the models were captured emerging from behind, first in a number of sleek black-and-white, business-ready looks. Soon after, more of Moschino’s colorful world spilled onto the runway. Bold red suits and black mini-dresses are adorned with heart-shaped details, and gowns are decorated in 2-D cartoon drawings. Printed sets and glittery gowns are also huge eye-catchers, with puff-sleeved capes, tiered maxi dresses and kitschy bathing suits destined to become go-to ensembles for an Italian summer in paradise. 

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Cutouts also make fabulous cameos and there’s no such thing as subtlety when it comes to Scott and his elaborate accessories: In addition to animal- and donut-shaped floaties, heart-shaped hats and long latex opera gloves make for a playful finish. 

See Moschino’s Spring 2023 collection below.

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