‘We have managed to maintain our identity’: R Madhavan talks about his dream for India

‘We have managed to maintain our identity’: R Madhavan talks about his dream for India

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In this video, R Madhavan addresses the 14th chapter of the Indian Conference by Harvard Business School — considered to be one of the largest student-run conferences with a focus on India in the United States. The actor talks about his dreams for India in 2030.

“Thousands of years old culture and tradition, many invasions, being ruled for many years and we still have managed to maintain our identity. We still somehow have managed to maintain our Indianness, our beliefs and faith. We have our drawbacks — there is corruption, there is violence, there are differences between different religion, castes and sects,” the actor says.

“I can’t help but look at India’s geography and think that we’re not doing that bad. Compared to our neighbouring nations, there is somebody in India who is doing something right for the nation to be called a growing economy and being projected as third largest economy.”

The actor is known for his roles in 3 Idiots, Rang De Basanti and Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, along with some acclaimed films he did in the Tamil film industry, and is loved for his resilience, passion and patience.

“When we start assuming what the rural India needs, we do what I think is most dangerous. In my vast experience of shooting in rural India and villages, I realised shockingly that the biggest financial burden for a person of this particular village is the untimely death of one relative of a senior in their family, that is one occasion he can’t prepare for, that is one occasion where the ceremony demands that he spends a certain amount of money, feed a certain amount of people.”

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