VR News of the Week: Meta Quest 3 Leaks, Unity Controversy, and Apple Vision Pro Updates

VR News of the Week: Meta Quest 3 Leaks, Unity Controversy, and Apple Vision Pro Updates

As we approach Meta Connect 2023, the highly anticipated VR event of the year, leaks regarding the Meta Quest 3 continue to surface. While the official details are still sparse, a recent leak suggests that the Quest 3 may be a substantial 111 grams lighter than its predecessor, the Oculus Quest 2. The leaked information also showcased a redesigned face pad that promises improved comfort and ventilation. Additionally, third-party accessory companies have revealed exciting accessories such as head straps, silicone headset covers, and face pads for the Quest 3.

In other news, Unity, the popular game engine used by many VR developers, has caused quite a stir within the developer community. The company announced new fees that could amount to substantial monthly costs for developers, particularly impacting indie developers who may struggle to sustain their livelihoods. Conversely, Roblox, the social platform known for its developer-friendly environment, recently gave away Meta Quest Pro headsets to developers interested in creating VR content for their platform. Unlike Unity, Roblox does not charge developers for gamers playing their games, instead encouraging developers to monetize with in-game currency.

Apple has also made waves in the VR world, as the release of the iPhone 15 Pro introduced 3D video capture capabilities. These videos can be played back in a special way on Apple Vision Pro headsets, providing a more immersive experience. Furthermore, Apple announced that nearly all iPhone and iPad apps will be compatible with Apple Vision Pro without requiring any adjustments from developers, thanks to Apple’s control over the entire app ecosystem.

Overall, the VR landscape is filled with leaks, controversies, and exciting updates. As Meta Connect 2023 approaches, enthusiasts can look forward to the official reveal of the Meta Quest 3 and the accompanying games and features.

Sources: Android Central

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