Vizio’s best TVs just got more PS5 and Xbox Series X friendly

Vizio’s best TVs just got more PS5 and Xbox Series X friendly

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Full compatibility with new generation consoles like the Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X will be an absolute must for the new televisions we see at CES 2021.

Seeing as US telly-maker Vizio isn’t going to announce any sets this year’s show, it’s setting about upgrading last year’s models with a new gaming-centric firmware update. That includes the OLED models announced at last year’s event, as well as the high-end P-Series Quantum X and Quantum tellies launched last June (via The Verge).

Those sets already boast the all-important HDMI 2.1 ports that enable some high end features on Sony PS5, Xbox Series X and even PC. On the PS5 side of things, the firmware update delivers support for full bandwidth 4K at 120fps. There’s also improvements to HDMI 2.1 for 4K 60fps gaming. This is great news for PS5 owners with Vizio sets hoping to get the best visual experience.

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Elsewhere, Xbox Series X owners can benefit from improved audio and better 4K/120fps support, which means enhanced Variable Refresh Rate performance at higher frame rates. That benefit also applies to PCs rocking the latest Nvidia Graphics cards like the RTX-3080. There’s also higher frame rate 4K/120fps support for gaming PCs with other Nvidia graphics cards.

The update, detailed fully in the graphic below, is rolling out to the aforementioned sets now meaning gamers will be able to imminently take advantage of the new features.vizio Vizio's best TVs just got more PS5 and Xbox Series X friendly

The news comes after Sony announced its new 2021 Bravia sets would be fully ready for the PS5. This comes after many of its 2020 sets arrived without the support for HDMI 2.1, showing a rare lack of synergy between the gaming and display departments.

We’ll have a full round up of the best TV products at CES 2021 as the week goes on. So far the likes of LG and Sony have been quick out the gate with their offerings, but there’s plenty more to come.


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