Varun Dhawan teaches Bollywood moves to ‘The Tomorrow War’ star Chris Pratt

Varun Dhawan teaches Bollywood moves to ‘The Tomorrow War’ star Chris Pratt

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Varun Dhawan got candid with Hollywood star Chris Pratt ahead of the premiere of the latter’s film, ‘The Tomorrow War’ on Amazon Prime Video. Varun also teaches Chris a few Bollywood moves and we think the actor has nailed it.

Donning the hat of a journalist for a day, Varun is seen virtually interviewing Chris Pratt and two converse about their love for cinema and MMA. Chris talks about ‘The Tomorrow War’ describing it as a ‘big, fun, action adventure’. He reveals that the film is set in the years 2021 and 2051. 

The sci-fi film also highlights the loving bond of a father-daughter relationship. Speaking on it, Chris says, “The heart in this film was a big reason that I felt so compelled to bring it to the screens. I’m in a very blessed position where people say to me ‘hey, help me get my movie made’ so I end up reading a lot of scripts. There’s a lot of the same themes. You might have time travel, aliens, world-saving epic events, and creatures. Rarely you find one that does evoke an emotional response based on very real relationships and that to me is a really great story.”

Varun teaches Chris the steps of the song ‘Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Taara’ from his film ‘Judwa 2’. Chris not only grooves to the song but also mouths the lyrics in a very cute way.

Watch the full interview here:

Chris is married to Arnold’s Schwarzenegger’s daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger. He spoke about his relationship with Hollywood icon and said he is glad that he can talk to him about work. Chris also made Varun happy when he said that if he were to pick an actor for a superhero film in India, he would choose Varun. 

When asked if he ever plans to come to India, Chris asked Varun Dhawan to show him around. “I’m dying to come to India. It’s a massive land with so many cultures and so many different people. I would love to explore and try it. You can show me around, I’m sure you have the key to the city,” Chris concluded.

Directed by Chris McKay, ‘The Tomorrow War’ is about a man (Chris Pratt) who has to fight a war in the future and the fate of humanity relies on his ability to confront his past. The film also stars Yvonne Strahvoski and J.K. Simmons and will stream on Amazon Prime Video on July 2, 2021.

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