Two drivers in Dubai rob safe with Dh352,000 in cash and a truck from company

Two drivers in Dubai rob safe with Dh352,000 in cash and a truck from company

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Dubai: Two drivers working with a Dubai-based firm have been accused of robbing Dh352,000 in cash and a truck from their company.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard that two Pakistani drivers broke into the company at Jebel Ali through an open window, stole the safe and carried it off in a truck belonging to the company in June this year. Records showed there was no security guard on duty at the company premises and the vehicle’s ignition key was left inside the truck. An official from the company received a call from one of the employees, alerting him about the robbery. Dubai Police later found the truck abandoned in the Lehbab area. Police said that one of the defendants had wired part of the money to his home country and kept another Dh63,000 in cash with his brother in the Lehbab area.

“Surveillance cameras showed the two defendants carrying the safe on their shoulders and then loading it on to a refrigerated truck and driving away. The drivers often leave the keys in the trucks and sometimes we even keep the engine running for the refrigeration,” said the 40-year-old Emirati official from the company on record.

“Police found the empty safe lying near the truck. The defendants had entered the office through an open window and they knew there was no security guard,” the official said. The two defendants admitted to planning for the robbery and splitting the money between themselves.

The two Pakistani defendants were charged with robbery. The next hearing is scheduled for December 30.


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