Tim Cook Net Worth 2024: What is the Apple CEO’s current net worth and salary?

Tim Cook Net Worth 2024: What is the Apple CEO’s current net worth and salary?

Amongst the world’s most successful billionaires, Tim Cook is perhaps one of the names that has the most power from all big tech companies. When Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away, Tim Cook became the face of the company and took it to the highest level you can think of. Today, the Apple products dominatemarkets around the world. Since then, the company has a market capitalization of a whopping $2.65 trillion. To even think about that number is daunting, they have a worth that only organizations such as the Department of Defense are handling. But despite this incredible success, the Apple CEO is nowhere neat the list of the wealthiest people on earth. He doesn’t even make it to the Top 1,000 of the richest.

How much does Tim Cook get paid by Apple?

Uder Tim Cook, Apple has released amazing products such as the Apple Watch or the Apple AirPods. Instead of investing at Apple, the CEO currently owns a very small percentage of the company’s stock shares. That is where he gets his revenue from. As of last October, 2023. Tim Cook held 3,280,052 shares of Apple’s common stock. This information was initially reported by Forbes. After the major sell-off last year, Cook sold 241,000 shares and made a reported $41.4 million in cash after taxes. But Cook still maintains .02% stake in the company that translates into roughly $561 million.

You would think that having one of the highest positions in the big tech world would make you one of the wealthiest people in the world but Tim Cook doesn’t operate like that. Despite not even making the thousandth wealthiest person in the world, Forbes estimates he is worth a reported $2.5 billion. That is more than enough money to have his entire family set for life even if he decided to never work again in his life. Back in 2023 alone, Cook earned a reported $63.21 million from his work at Apple.

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