Throwback ‘My whole career is destroyed’, when Katrina Kaif said this to Salman Khan

Throwback ‘My whole career is destroyed’, when Katrina Kaif said this to Salman Khan

Salman Khan, who is known as the Bhai of Bollywood, has had many fights with people from the Indian film industry. However, the actor has patched up with many of them. But there are few with whom he is still not on talking terms. 

The ‘Dabangg’ actor Salman Khan, who is Katrina Kaif’s very close friend, is not friends with John Abraham. According to Bollywood Life, John and Salman had a fight on one of their dance tours. In a throwback interview with India TV, Salman Khan had confessed that he has a problem with John Abraham after he removed Katrina from the film ‘Saaya’. He also revealed that Katrina cried for three days after being removed by him. Not only this, but the actor also stated that Katrina had a chance to remove John but she didn’t.

Salman stated, “I remember the visual of Katrina that she was doing the film for which she was replaced by Tara Sharma later and Katrina was crying ‘My whole career is destroyed’. Teen din tak woh jhelna pada (I had to bear it for three days).” However, the actor felt that Katrina will become one of the biggest stars of this country. He said, “I said, ‘You’ll be laughing at this a few years down’.”

While talking about Katrina’s decision of not replacing John from the movie ‘New York’, he stated, “The film became a big hit. Mere aur Katrina dono k badappan k wajahse John Abraham ko badi hit mili hai (Because of the nobility of both of us John Abraham got a big hit).”

However, John clarified later that he didn’t remove Katrina. He stated, “I was a newcomer, I never recommended anyone to remove any actress from any of the films. I was thinking about myself. I didn’t have power. Even now, I don’t do this.” 


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