This forgotten star, known for sex comedies, holds world record for most silver jubilees; not SRK, Big B, Rajendra Kumar

This forgotten star, known for sex comedies, holds world record for most silver jubilees; not SRK, Big B, Rajendra Kumar

A forgotten star from the 1970s and 80s, who introduced sex comedies in India, holds the record for most silver jubilee hits.

There have been two Indian actors who have been dubbed Jubilee stars in the history of Hindi cinema – Karan Dewan and more famously Rajendra Kumar. At the peak of his success, Rajendra was dubbed Jubilee Kumar because it seemed that every film of his completed silver jubilee. And yet, neither of these heroes hold the record for most silver jubilee hits. That record belongs to a forgotten actor from the yesteryears, known more for his controversies than his successes.

The Indian actor who holds world record for most silver jubilee hits

In the 1980s, the Guinness Book of World Records identified Krishna Kondke, popularly known as Dada Kondke, as the star with the highest number of films that achieved silver jubilee. The actor had nine films in the silver jubilee bracket till then, just edging out Rajendra Kumar, and later added more. However, this may come as a surprise to many as Kondke was known largely for making sex comedies that relied on double entendre.
Dada Kondke’s controversial career

Born in a family of cotton mill workers in Maharashtra’s Naigon in 1932, Kondke started his entertainment career with a band and later turned to stage acting. He became involved in cultural activities of Congress’ Seva Dal, which introduced him to theatre personalities in Maharashtra. In 1969, he debuted in Marathi cinema with the National Award-winning drama Tambdi Maati. In 1971, he turned producer making rooted films like Songadya and Eakta Jeev Sadashiv. By the 80s, Kondke started making Hindi films as well and graduated to sex comedies, introducing the concept to Indian cinema. His hits included Khol De Meri Zuban and Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein.

When Kondke’s film clashed with Dev Anand’s

In 1971, when Kondke’s Songadya released, many theatres in Maharashtra removed it in favour of Dev Anand’s Hindi film Tere Mere Sapne. The move angered the Marathi-speaking populace and the matter reached Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray. The ideologue helped Kondke, a fellow ‘Marathi manus’ and in return, Kondke helped Thackeray help found Chitrapat Shakha, Shiv Sena’ cultural and film wing.

Dada Kondke suffered a heart attack at his Mumbai residence on March 14, 1998 and died. He was 66 and was working on his next film Jaraa Dheer Dhara.

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