The malignment of apple pie

Ken Stern, the Weekly News editor, was accused by Sandy Stokes, former editor, of misquoting her in his article about Annie Taylor’s appointment to the Town Council. Taylor won by a 3-1 margin over Bill Bruch. 

On social media Stokes claimed (speaking to Stern,) “You misquoted me in your story on the Taylor appointment. You inaccurately wrote that I said you “ostracized” Bill Bruch. I said you maligned him with a partisan hit piece and that you continued to malign him with your “where’s Billy” Musings column. 

Stern’s “partisan hit” piece was taken directly from court records. Bruch was found liable for judgments totaling over one million dollars. 

Bruch’s claims that he didn’t know he was stealing when he took over a million dollars from unsuspecting people through a Ponzi scheme when he was a mere lad is a moot point. 

As a voter, even if he were unaware that it was illegal, (a million dollars?) I sure wouldn’t want to vote for someone that clueless. 

I remember reading the Editor’s Musings on Bruch and chuckling. See the Oct. 27 La Conner Weekly News. So I read it again to be sure I understood it as a “hit” piece. Same reaction. As Ricky Gervais said, “Just because you are offended, doesn’t mean you are right.” 

In my mind, it is also the responsibility of newspaper editors to poke fun at politicians. It is as American as the flag and apple pie. 

Judy Booth 
Greater La Conner

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