The latest iPhone 15 leak reveals battery capacities of all four models

The latest iPhone 15 leak reveals battery capacities of all four models

With Apple unveiling its iPhone 15 lineup at last week’s “Wanderlust” event, we got our first official look at the next-gen iPhones before they hit store shelves on September 22. However, since Apple historically avoids revealing every individual spec for its latest phones ahead of time, some mystery remains, and so the rumor mill keeps right on chugging. 

The latest leak comes from a regulatory body in China spotted by MySmartPrice (via Android Authority). According to the regulatory body’s listing for the iPhone 15 series, we can expect a modest boost in battery life, but nothing revolutionary. 

The base iPhone 15 reportedly sports a battery capacity of 3,349mAh and a wattage of 12.981Wh. While its bigger sibling, the iPhone 15 Plus, has a 4,383mAh battery with a wattage of 16.950Wh. For the high-end models, the iPhone 15 Pro comes with a 3,274mAh (12.70Wh), while the iPhone 15 Pro Max sports the biggest battery of the bunch at 4,422mAh (17.109Wh). 

That translates to up to 20, 26, 23 and 29 hours of battery life for the iPhone 15, Plus, Pro and Pro Max, respectively, Apple says in the listing. At least when handling low-demanding tasks like video playback. 

When compared to last year’s iPhone 14 series, it’s clear these aren’t huge advancements. With Apple’s current-gen phones, the base model clocks in at 3,279mAh, the 14 Plus at 4,325mAh, the 14 Pro at 3,200mAh and the 14 Pro Max at 4,323mAh.

Earlier leaks suggested the iPhone 15 series, particularly the iPhone 15 Pro, could feature huge battery capacity improvements. And while those rumors haven’t quite panned out, the iPhone 15 is still on track to have the longest-lasting battery of any iPhone to date. 

Of course, it’s important to remember that the number behind a phone’s battery capacity only tells you so much. How long your phone’s battery is able to last day in and day out depends on a whole host of factors, including the size and brightness of the screen, the efficiency of the internal modem and what kind of tasks you’re using it for. 

Pre-orders for the iPhone 15 series are live, having launched after Apple’s September event, and the handsets will hit store shelves on September 22. However if you’re thinking of grabbing one of the high-end models, you may have a bit of a wait depending on where you shop. To learn more, here’s the latest on the iPhone 15 Pro shipping delays. 

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