The best costumes from Carrie Bradshaw’s new ‘mid-life chameleon’ wardrobe

The best costumes from Carrie Bradshaw’s new ‘mid-life chameleon’ wardrobe

Is there anything that Carrie Bradshaw wouldn’t wear? As filming for the Sex and the City spin off, And Just Like That, continues in New York, we have been treated to a first look at the character’s wardrobe now she has reached her 50s. Her outfits are as eclectic as ever; spanning androgynous tailoring and tulle skirts, floral hair accessories and lilac washing up gloves, often all worn at the same time.

Bradshaw, played since 1998 by actress Sarah Jessica Parker, now 56, has been dressed by costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago for the show. The duo have very much taken their lead from the original series costume designer, Patricia Field, when it comes to pushing forward Bradshaw’s famously off-beat sense of styling.

The character has always been a true fashion chameleon – and even if you are not inspired to precisely copy her mis-matched looks the chances are that you will have embraced some essence of her way of getting dressed, and the normalisation of ‘anything goes’ fashion. 

Here we take a look at the best costumes so far from the set of And Just Like That, taking in Carrie Bradshaw’s new mid-life wardrobe. 

The date look

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