Win10 upgrade to become “Recommended Update” in 2016

Win10 upgrade to become “Recommended Update” in 2016

Microsoft launched Windows 10 earlier this year and with it offered Windows 7 and Windows 8 users the chance to upgrade for free. That was a very successful outreach to its existing fan base, netting more that 110 million devices switching to Windows 10 so far, but it looks like Microsoft is now shifting to […]

Facebook Down 12.1%, Apple Down 10%, Google Down 6.5%, Microsoft Down 5.8%

Facebook Down 12.1%, Apple Down 10%, Google Down 6.5%, Microsoft Down 5.8%

Update: Public tech companies are already recuperating from heartless batch marketplace decline Tech companies are pang from a stream antagonistic batch marketplace sourroundings as batch markets around a universe are plummeting following concerns over China. All tech companies are tanking right now, with some pang from a sheer correction. When a batch markets opened, compared […]

Intel plans to launch new PCs with Android, Windows running side-by-side

Chipmaker giant Intel is reportedly planning to launch a new brand of computer that runs both Windows and Android using virtualization techniques. Intel’s new idea, internally known as “Dual OS,” would see Android running inside of Windows, so that both the apps could run side by side without rebooting the machine, the Verge reports. Intel […]

Twitter to be available on mobile phones without Internet

New York: Twitter Inc is tying up with a Singapore-based startup to make its 140-character messaging service available to users in emerging markets who have entry-level mobile phones which cannot access the Internet. U2opia Mobile, which has a similar tie-up with Facebook Inc, will launch its Twitter service in the first quarter of next year, […]

Google Nose: A search engine you can smell

Google has gone all out with a number of April Fool pranks. Besides announcing that YouTube was going to shut down for a decade, the company has now launched “The new scentsation in search”. Google Nose is the hoax product launch by Google today. The hoax product, that is still in beta, apparently lets Google […]

Techie things that are done in 60 seconds

                              60 seconds only ? The time limit seems very short in real life, but not when it is accounted for all the techie operations that are being done ONLINE in each passing moment. You take 20 deep breaths and tonnes […]

Google’s $ 18.7 mn buy: .google, .fly, .eat

New Delhi: Internet giant Google has paid USD 18.7 million to buy domains – .google, .youtube, .goog and .plus, media reports claimed on Thursday. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) had in January this year invited applications from companies, organisations and individuals who can come up with USD 185,000 (over Rs 1 crore) […]