Swara Bhasker tests positive for COVID-19

Swara Bhasker tests positive for COVID-19

Swara Bhasker’s name has been added to the list of those affected with the COVID-19 virus. Swara Bhasker broke the news on Instagram, wishing for it to pass quickly because she is double-vaccinated.

She wrote, “I have tested positive for Covid. I developed symptoms on 5th January 2022 and RT-PCR test results just confirmed the same. I and my family have been isolating since 5th Jan evening.. and I’, taking all the necessary precautions. I’ve informed everyone I met in the week prior about my having Covid; bit if anyone else did come in contact with me, please get yourself tested. Double mask up and stay safe ya’all.”


Swara Bhaskar won the Best Supporting Actress award at the prestigious Soho London Independent Film Festival for her performance in ‘Sheer Qorma’. Swara portrays Sitara in the film, which deals with LGBT relationships.


Speaking about the time when Sheer Qorma was offered to her, Swara told India Today , “I read the script and I was very struck by the simplicity and yet the universal quality of it. The fact that it was talking about a pertinent issue of our time and yet it was so universal that everyone can relate to it got me hooked. Two things struck out. One, pretty much everyone goes through life having at least once fallen like that in love. And two, everyone, whoever you maybe, you know the experience of feeling your parents don’t understand you and your problems. So, these are very universal emotions. And I saw the film beautifully married the particularity of the issue with universality of the emotion. And I heard Divya Dutta ji was playing the part opposite me, so I was really excited because she has been one of my favourite actors for the longest time.”

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